Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Local Bloggers... way cool.

First there's Mario Burgos who has a blog of the same name.

And Lucky Dawg News.

It's sort of weird because the blogosphere isn't geographical and I don't think in terms of geography and Mario probably lives within a couple of miles of me. It actually feels strange.

Maybe we can have some sort of New Mexico conservative blog party or something. Or maybe they already have that sort of thing and I can get myself invited.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

B. A. C. K. L. A. S. H. -- Backlash.

What happens when people who've been trying their best to be culturally sensative have finally had enough of being unappreciated.

It will probably not be a *violent* backlash, but expect some disrespect, Islam, because you've earned it.

The Pope was right.

The insult of Pope Benedict to Muhammad and to Islam is nothing to the insult of Muslims themselves.

It's as though they're trying to prove every statement against them 100% correct.

I wish the Pope had not given even his non-apology. I wish he'd just out and out said, "But you're proving that what I quoted is true." and then let them choke on it.

I'm *appalled* that other churches or church leaders have apologized *for* him. It's like apologizing to the Mafia for suggesting that they are breaking kneecaps in hopes that they won't break your kneecaps. Doesn't truth matter? Or does only safety matter?

Or maybe, if there really *are* Muslims who don't believe in violence the analogy should be that it's like apologizing and pretending to *Italians* that there is no Mafia. It might make them feel good, but it encourages the Mafia. And the usual victims of the Mafia were other Italians just as the usual victim of violent Islam are other Muslims.

And, seriously now, how can we possibly expect those non-violent or "moderate" Muslims to stand against the violent Islamists if *we* refuse to?

The truth hurts. Cartoons of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban *hurt*. The words of the Pope *hurt*. But the blame for the hurt doesn't rest on cartoonists or Popes. The blame rests squarely on Islamists, on kidnappers who force conversion at gun point, on rioters killing people over cartoons, on systems that promote honor killings and holding women as property.

It rests on "Muslims" who come to the US and claim a "Muslim right" to practice their "Muslim ways" by practicing slavery and rape. It rests on Islamic theocracies executing people for apostasy, homosexuality, and for *being* raped.

The words of the Pope are NOTHING compared to the actions of Muhammad's followers.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Loose Change or Screw Loose?

I can hardly even watch this. These guys are amazing. (h/t Instpundit)

It *is* just like any other sort of conspiracy theory. It all depends on the truth being hidden from thousands of people. And the only agencies capable of pulling off such a stunt? Huge government agencies.

I guess if you're in the government the saying "two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead" doesn't apply. There were bombs in the world trade centers. They were installed ahead of time. How many man-hours? How many engineers and explosive experts and scientists figured out just where to place those explosives and how many workers humped how many tons of explosives up how many trips in the freight elevators and wired the detonators? And not only was the government able to *find* people who would be willing to do this, none of those people bragged about it over a beer? No one told their husband or wife or lover that they spent the wee hours of the morning installing explosives?

Please tell me, where do these evil and obedient minions exist?

What's more, after doing all of this, instead of just blowing it all up and blaming terroristis (because, obviously, no one would believe that terrorists planted bombs in a building) they managed to coordinate the blowing up stuff with the hijacking of four aircraft, two of which were diverted to some other place and made to disappear, while a fake crater was produced in a field and a missle or something ploughed into the Pentagon, and two aircraft full of people were flown into the world trade center buildings.

Not only is the government all powerful with thousands of those obedient and evil minions to setup this convoluted plan and carry it off without anyone spilling the beans, but this all-powerful entity saw no need to simplify the plan.

I wonder what the Loose Screws think of the secret laboratories built under school buildings in the utility tunnels where children are taken during the day and experimented on by the Air Force. According to the usenet post revealing this, if parents haven't given permission for their children to be involved it might be illegal. The evil and obedient minions... teachers, custodial staff, construction workers, the school district accountants who conceal the extra electricity draw... they never say a word. But I remember when I was a kid, one time I looked through this door at school and there were tunnels with pipes and crap and it was spooky. And you know we were never allowed to actually see what was down there. That's proof they were hiding *something*. And I'm not going to listen to any lies about how it's all normal parts of buildings because everyone knows that pipes and sh*t is built into the space in the floor or walls. If there's a tunnel under a building it *goes* somewhere.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Path to 9-11

I recall watching a show about Bin Laden, probably on the History channel, a *long* time ago that was a documentary and did show how time after time (someone said 10?) the Clinton administration either had Bin Laden in their sights or else were offered him, and they didn't take action.

The "why" according to that documentary was essentially that they believed that either assasinating him or taking him prisoner would have been *illegal*.

In hindsight, of course, this was a mistake. Still, the idea that the threat from Al Qaida was less than it was was a pervasive idea, not limited to the Clinton administration. And I don't really think that most people support the notion that we ought to go about assasinating potential threats as a matter of policy.

The trailer says "why not" and quite frankly I think that a strong answer to "why not" can be made. The problem is that the only answer that will fly is that what is clear in hindsight was not clear at the time, and that it seemed like a good idea, at the time, to treat the terrorist threat as a law enforcement issue, in which case having a *legal* standing to capture or kill Bin Laden was necessary.

But that can't be said without *also* saying, "But now we know better. It's not a criminal, law-enforcement problem."

And the Democrats aren't willing to give that up.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Got milk?

My husband came home with a Breville cappaccino machine.

We had just enough milk to make ONE experimental latte.

What I really need, however, is for someone to tell me how to make Chai tea with the frothy milk stuff. I don't care for coffee. I need to find out how to make Chai like at the coffee places.

In any case, further experimentation has to wait until we can get to the store and buy MILK!

Update: Now that I have milk I've been trying to figure out how to make a Chai latte. I've gotten pretty good results by using one tea bag in 1/3 cup water and letting it seep then adding sugar to the strong tea, frothing half a cup of milk and then mixing the two together.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Judging Islam

This began as a reply to a commenter on Wizbang who uses the name Muslim Unity. MU had made the statement that George Bush (in so many words) would pay for his crimes in the afterlife. I've rewritten my response.

Just after 9-11 a couple of prominent Christian personalities told us that it was judgement on America because we tolerated homosexuality. My pastor at that time denounced those men in the strongest terms for presuming to speak for God. My thought at the time, when I considered what the future was likely to hold, was that it was just as likely a judgement on Bin Laden and his fellow religionists who seemed convinced that God was on their side. God's will can be a twisty sort of thing. Who can understand the mind of God?

So I asked and ask this question:

How do you know that Bush (and America) isn't doing the will of God?

Even if Islam is correct, doesn't God use godless nations and wars when His people refuse to shape up? Why presume to speak for God when He claims the right of judgement for Himself? We're looking at the "religion of peace" being overtaken by people who, instead of admitting their error, decide that what God really wants is for them to do more of the same except harder. Where is their humility before God?

After 9-11 when we were hearing all about how this was God's judgement on the decadent West, the Great Satan, etc., I wondered if it wasn't really the other way around. Bin Laden did not prevail. The Taliban, as "holy" as it's possible to get, enforcing Islamic morality... they didn't win either. So what's the deal? Maybe this is all God's judgment... on radical Islam.

I don't know what other explanation makes sense because 9-11 was an act of moronic idiocy. So is every other planned attack on the West. So, certainly, are promises to exceed the carnage of 9-11. The people carrying out these plans are doing it for God. If God *wanted* them to, then they would prevail, but so far the evidence of that is zip.

There is no possible way that Islamists can prevail against the West without the direct intervention of God, and so far He's not intervening. The result of 9-11 was a destroyed Taliban and the US occupation of Iraq. What will the result of another attack be? What will the result of a nuclear attack be?

9-11 woke up the West and the West is annoyed. But it's not unified. The West could do so very much more if given reason. Nothing the Islamist militants can possibly do could cripple us. The most they could do is make us very very angry.

Who is next after Afghanistan and Iraq? Syria? Iran? Probably Somalia eventually, since that was so screwed up.

A person does have to wonder. How much will it take before Islam becomes humble before God?

But God is a merciful God. Because the West, the Great Satan, is more compassionate than can be imagined, and when it conquers, rather than slaughtering a population, bashing babies against the stones like the stories of Babylon, they build schools and hospitals. Instead of oppressive dictators they help set up self-government.

The answer and the end to it is very simple. The West wants nothing more than it wants to be able to ignore the Middle East. When Muslims quit killing each other and trying to blow up aircraft or buildings and forcing false conversions at the point of a gun and gutting aid workers and all of those things that can not possibly please God... it will end.

If those things *do* please the God of Islam, then Islam will end.