Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope was right.

The insult of Pope Benedict to Muhammad and to Islam is nothing to the insult of Muslims themselves.

It's as though they're trying to prove every statement against them 100% correct.

I wish the Pope had not given even his non-apology. I wish he'd just out and out said, "But you're proving that what I quoted is true." and then let them choke on it.

I'm *appalled* that other churches or church leaders have apologized *for* him. It's like apologizing to the Mafia for suggesting that they are breaking kneecaps in hopes that they won't break your kneecaps. Doesn't truth matter? Or does only safety matter?

Or maybe, if there really *are* Muslims who don't believe in violence the analogy should be that it's like apologizing and pretending to *Italians* that there is no Mafia. It might make them feel good, but it encourages the Mafia. And the usual victims of the Mafia were other Italians just as the usual victim of violent Islam are other Muslims.

And, seriously now, how can we possibly expect those non-violent or "moderate" Muslims to stand against the violent Islamists if *we* refuse to?

The truth hurts. Cartoons of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban *hurt*. The words of the Pope *hurt*. But the blame for the hurt doesn't rest on cartoonists or Popes. The blame rests squarely on Islamists, on kidnappers who force conversion at gun point, on rioters killing people over cartoons, on systems that promote honor killings and holding women as property.

It rests on "Muslims" who come to the US and claim a "Muslim right" to practice their "Muslim ways" by practicing slavery and rape. It rests on Islamic theocracies executing people for apostasy, homosexuality, and for *being* raped.

The words of the Pope are NOTHING compared to the actions of Muhammad's followers.


Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Hey, maybe we should get out of the Middle East. Wouldn't that allow peace a chance and give Muslims a reason not to hate us, if we stop interfering with their religion and politics?

5:10 PM  
Blogger Synova said...

Heh. ;-)

6:31 PM  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

You might be interested in Stratfor's perspective on this Pope deal. Bookworm has the goods because she has the subscription to Stratfor email wise.


5:35 PM  

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