Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I won a prize!

Just call 1-888-786-8188 and I bet you'll get the prize too.

I don't know what they are selling but I think you should call because I think they should recieve lots of phone calls so that real people have to pick them up to hear you say (and this is just my suggestion, you can make up something different if you like) "Your time is valuable, that's why I'm going to waste it for no purpose."

If I were cleverer I'd think up something that was about the same length as the "You've won a prize!" etc., etc., etc., "Call me at 1-888-786-8188, that toll-free number is 1-888-786-8188, again, 1-888-786-8188. Congratulations!" I wouldn't really recommend it though because the longer you're on the phone the longer the guy with the sexy baritone has to get you listening to *him* and *then* you're a gonner. So if you do this be prepared. These people are professionals.

Yes, it's true. I shouldn't have listened to the recording all the way to the end. I should have hung up the moment I heard that cheerful recorded voice, but it just made me mad, all of a sudden, that she could talk to me and I *couldn't* talk to her. In a way it's easier to hang up on a recording but, dang it! It's almost enough to make me give up libertarianism. Where do these people get off interrupting my life and then have the gall to request that *I* call *them*. There ought to be a law.

I *do* hang up on the "I have important information about your credit card accounts. This is not a solicitation. Please call back immediately at..."

(clue: I don't have a credit card.)

If someone wants to talk to me, they can have the decency to invest an equal amount of time into the transaction as they require of me.

PS: Probably you shouldn't actually harass these... oh what the heck, if you feel led, who am I to stop you. It's not like I'm suggesting someone hook up a recording and auto-dialer after all. Still, calling them probably won't get the message across in any useful way. More's the pity.

PPS: I repent of my momentary spinelessness... they called me *again*.


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