Saturday, March 18, 2006

Screenwriting in New Mexico

This morning (March 18, 2006) I attended a program hosted by New Mexico Screenwriters.

It was interesting, though I think it was a smaller group than they usually expect. (Someone said that last time was standing room only.) There were a couple of people there that I'd met before so I got introduced around, which is much more fun than introducing myself. ;-)

We *did* go around and introduce ourselves and say a few words about the ways that we get blocked when writing (which is what the program was about.) I think that I like writing so much because whenever I open my mouth in public it comes out like I'm speaking Martian or something. I get these confused and painfully polite smiles as they go on to the next person. But when I write I can EDIT. Whoo Hoo!!

I think, though, that I'm just a lost cause at meditation and visualization. I try. It just doesn't work so well. I start thinking about something else. It never fails. I can see how the excersizes would be useful and valuable in helping people reach a sort of self acceptance and honesty so they can move beyond problems or "blocks"... but I just keep thinking, "But I'm not in denial."

Which is a bit like claiming not to be insane. If you were, you'd make the same claim, wouldn't you? Yet it's entirely possible that you are neither insane nor in denial.

In any case, I had fun and it was great to meet new people.

I also found out about the Governor's Cup Short Screenplay Competition.

Which reminded me of the Duke City Shoot Out.

The Governor's Cup wants a 10 page script and I think that the Duke City Shoot Out wants 12 pages. This is where my brain comes to a full screeching halt. 12 pages? Trying to work with a 120 page limit is mind bending enough. I've got it in the back of my head though, and maybe I can figure out something before the deadlines. Maybe.

PS. Oops! I should always be sure to mention this!


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