Saturday, March 04, 2006

Truth by Poll - VOTE NOW

I think it's time that someone takes a stand against the riddiculous notion that a poll of opinion has any relevance to the truth.

VOTE NOW - Do you think Scott Peterson is guilty?
VOTE NOW - Are we winning in Iraq?
VOTE NOW - Do Aliens want to eat your brain and plant their evil seed in your womb?
VOTE NOW - Is Bin Laden alive or dead?

When everyone believed that the world was flat it was exactly the same shape as it is now. Things are true or not true. People on trial are guilty or not guilty, and incidently, were guilty even *before* they were convicted... "innocent until proven guilty" is a legal form, not a reflection of the truth.

We do not create truth by our belief, not even about God. God exists or doesn't exist quite apart from our belief or disbelief.

The one way that we do create truth through belief is when we believe things about our culture or ourselves. Our belief is self-fulfilling to an extent. Someone who believes they are a good person is likely to try to behave accordingly. Believing in freedom and liberty is necessary prior to gaining freedom and liberty. Believing that you can succeed often leads to success.

"Are we winning in Iraq?" isn't subject to opinion. We could be winning even if everyone said no. We could be losing even if everyone said yes.

If there is an element that relates opinion about war in Iraq to truth it is to the fact that people who believe they are losing stop trying to win. Students who believe they are stupid don't study. People who see the glass ceiling don't advance beyond it. People who are accustomed to slavery don't seek freedom.

And people who believe the US is evil no matter what we do will not push to accomplish good in the world.


Blogger Omni said...

Don't you tell who's winning a war by which side has killed more people and destroyed more property? How else COULD you define it? The only way that America can lose a war is if we quit and go home.

(nothin' to see here)

12:16 AM  
Blogger Synova said...

Hi omni!

Wow, my first comment... I'm not alone all alone after all. :-)

I think that you're right that we could only lose a war if we quit and go home.

Though winning has to be a little more than just wrecking more stuff, doesn't it?

1:14 AM  
Blogger Omni said...

Not as far as I know; once you've killed enough people and wrecked enough stuff that the enemy gives up or is unable to continue fighting, you win... what else is there? They don't have to love you or adopt your way of life for you to win; once the fighting is over, there's a winner and a loser, and if you're the one who killed and destroyed more, you're the winner... it's nice to think that there's something more exalted involved in being a winner, but if there is then no war has ever been won, because beating the other guy into submission is all there's ever been.

I'm honored to be your 1st commenter. :-)

1:29 AM  

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