Friday, April 07, 2006

A call for help

I'd like to take a poll. There's a few people who come here and look and even if you never comment anywhere, please just answer this question for me real quick.

How many of you believed, before reading this news report, that when you dialed 911 that the police would come, even if you said nothing? You choke on a chicken bone, and as you turn blue you grab the phone, dial 911 and pass out with the reciever in your hand, and the police are going to show up. Right?

And if you don't speak English, you call 911, and the police come. Right?

And if your kid calls 911 the police are going to show up and as soon as they leave your kid is going to get the whuppin' of his or her life for calling 911 when it's not an emergency. Right?

And if a kid calls 911 and says that their mom passed out, send someone, the dispatcher is going to count it as a crank call because demands to get an adult on the phone aren't complied with. Right? Because the kid is mumbling. Right? And isn't hysterical. Right?

Reports are that the dispatcher won't loose her job because she's a good dispatcher and has been for years and years. She's NOT a good dispatcher. Because it's not her job to decide who really needs help and who doesn't. From the sounds of it, the poor boy's mother may have already been dead. We can hope so, or the dispatcher is going to have to live with knowing that she killed a lady. The boy did exactly what we teach our children to do.

I think I'm going to teach my children to scream like they're getting a limb torn off... just to be safe.


Anonymous Beth* A. said...

Probably a good precaution - the screaming like they're having a limb torn off thing, I mean. I didn't think about silence cueing 911 not to bother either. Good to know.

2:52 PM  

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