Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jay Babcock has an agenda

Nothing wrong with that. He's anti-war. Nothing wrong with that.

But that doesn't give him the right to misrepresent either facts or information in the service of that agenda.

In his interview of Sully from Godsmack (which was mostly about Jay, but nothing wrong with that) he talked about doing research on the issue and that he was right.

A post to the comments section questioning his "facts" gets deleted.

A post that points out how disrespectful of young people he's been gets deleted.

A post suggesting that the military respects young people gets deleted.

So someone posts a comment about how all the defenders of Godsmack use profanity and call people fags. Well I can explain that too... post a critical comment that *doesn't* use profanity or call Jay Babcock a fag and it will get deleted. Unlike most blog owners or forum administrators, rather than delete profane posts he leaves them, and deletes the non-profane rational arguments.

Anyone who reads the comments will be convinced that any contrary arguments are entirely without merit.

This is dishonest.

He does leave the polite posts taking him to task for his methods so long as they agree with and affirm his politics.

Perhaps he's not accustomed to talking to people with a variety of opinions and it makes him nervous. More likely it's that he's got an agenda that *requires* the world view that young people are too stupid to make decisions about their own lives and *requires* that
the military be some sort of fantasy organization that takes away whatever few neurons recruits start out with and turns them into zombie killing machines.

Viewing young people as too stupid to have their own ideas about the world also means he's got to delete any comments that might lead them astray. He's got to stack the deck for their own good.

You know... the military won't treat you the way Jay Babcock treats you. They aren't going to stick you at the craft table with dull scissors and non-toxic glue. They aren't going to treat you
like a kid because you're only 18 or 20. The military is hard but doing something hard makes a strong person stronger.

Smash has a good discussion and links.


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