Monday, May 01, 2006

Special Forces survival tools?

I have a question, should anyone stop by who might know. I'm writing a scene where my SF/SF trainer guy takes off into the woods to find a missing Airman. I've given him a .45, one extra magazine and a knife and figure that he'd have brought water (canteens? camelpack?) and some sort of food bars. (He's got zero expectation of combat.)

He is probably expecting to find the missing person suffering from some degree of exposure.

What items might he be expected to have at hand and bring with him? His start point is a camp in the mountains where SF have been training. If he originally brings a pack of some sort he's going to lose it, so mostly I need to know what is tied to him or in his pockets.



Anonymous gerry said...


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Blogger Morgan927 said...

He will have a means of signaling others to bring in a chopper or other rescue vehicle (or lots of people). The missing airman is probably suffering from exposure and may be unable to walk. The rescuer may injure him more by carrying him out, even on a travoi.

I, personally, would not leave camp without the following:

radio (2-way)
signal mirror
survival kit (slightly larger than a pack of cigs contains bandages, fishing gear, iodine tablets, etc)
food, freeze-dried, or bars -- living off the land takes nearly 100% of your time
lots of water in a "Camelbak"

Many of these items would be carried on his waist in a fanny pack or similar.

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Blogger Morgan927 said...

some more when specifically looking for someone that may be hurt:

firstaid kit
extra water
climbing harness

it should be noted that all of the following are signaling devices:

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Blogger Synova said...

Very cool. Thanks. :-)

What is a caribiner?

I was wondering if he'd have a cell phone too. Seems like everyone does these days.

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Blogger SurfingKC said...

The .45 is not used by U.S. Forces anymore. They use 9mm pistols since sometime in the 1980's when they began to phase out the .45 weapon.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Synova said...

I know that issued weapons are 9mm. (Any more .38 revolvers?) I was thinking that special forces sometimes got to carry the weapon they prefered.

Yes? No?

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Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Discovery Channel had a episode about a Lieutenant in the Air Force that got snowed in skiing in the Turkish mountains with his young son, and the SF went out searching for him. If you know anyone affiliated with the rescue attempt, you'd probably get like 100% accuracy with the equipment list. But, SF people are notoriously close mouthed.

I think satellite phone, instead of cell phone. You know, the brick ones. I'm figuring cell phones aren't that reliable in rough terrain.

10:36 AM  

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