Saturday, May 13, 2006

St. Baldricks - The Shaving!

The Kojosho Karate shaving team! Donations can be made for the next three months, though by that time they'll have HAIR.
Who needs hair? It just gets in your face. (That's my husband in the back.)
People with long hair sent it to Locks of Love. (I don't know who had the longest hair but I think that Taylor's was the prettiest. Some little girl with cancer will get a fantastic blond wig. I don't think she'll worry much about boy-cooties.)
People with hair over two inches long put it in a baggie. I'm not sure what they did with it.
The Klingon Princess.

I'm not old enough to have a son who looks this grown up. (Actually, I am, some of my friends have kids out of the house already. EEep!)
Prettier than Natalie Portman. :-)

I'm told the donation pages will be active for the next three months. Donations can be made to the team or to individuals (scroll down and click on their pictures.) Hey, it's a good cause and it will really give the kids a boost.


Blogger Muslim Unity said...

Dear sister,

It is good that you are helping out people in need. I wish the American government was also nice like most of the people there and did not talk about attacking and capturing our lands.

5:38 AM  
Blogger Synova said...

I wish that everyone was nice.

They aren't.

I wish no one got their heads sawed off their necks. I wish no woman was killed by the men who are supposed to protect her because their embarassment is more important than her life. I wish no one bombed trains or subways or office buildings.

I wish that when something bad happens and people die that there wasn't dancing in the streets.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous dad said...

I am so very proud of our grandchildren, and son for what they did. It takes a special person to get there hair cut off when it was so pretty and long, it will help someone feel so much better and will allow the to get over a tough time in there life. These young people did something that alot of us haven't done. We love you for doing this. Mom and Dad Pascal

5:05 PM  

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