Thursday, June 29, 2006

My X-Men review...

It didn't suck.

It was okay. Parts were clever. They tried to do an aweful lot so I wouldn't be surprised if quite a bit got cut for time in the end.

Complaints: The actress who played Jean Gray seemed thin to the point of unattractiveness. I suppose she wasn't exactly *supposed* to look healthy. I wish they'd have shown the danger room. They showed the classrooms at the school but I always liked the idea that the X-Men actually *trained* to fight as a team.

My only *real* complaint: Magneto "What have I done?" LAME! Nothing that happened was sufficient to support his repentance.

Good points? The girl who could walk through walls taking on Jaggernaut... it was classic and fabulous. And while I've heard a lot of complaints about Rogue, and I generally disapprove of teen sex, I hope that girl got some while she could.

I also rather appreciate that we seem to be getting past the "if we do that we'll be just like them" theory of morality in our entertainment.


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