Monday, June 26, 2006

Rush Limbaugh... the Anchoress just gets it all over with already...

I will never think of the Anchoress the same way again. Though to be honest, I should have known better. :-) We're grown up ladies, after all.

My favorite bit didn't even have any puns...
We’ll have to endure the usual suspects basically acting like 5 year-olds sitting around the table saying “poopyhead” and imagining that they’re terribly funny, while they laugh and drip and dribble, and we roll our eyes and wipe up their wee juice spills.

It wasn't *quite* as naughty as Vodkapundit's Will Collier's take on the Democratic "New Direction" (Which took me several long moments of perplexed musing to "get".... nude what?) But that's probably a *good* thing.


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