Wednesday, October 18, 2006

UNM Law School musings...

In the interest of doing more local blogging, here is a column about the University New Mexico Law School. (via Instapundit, no less, who isn't local at all)

Long story short, Christina Hoff Sommers relates her impression that at the UNM Law School Liberal Bias Rules. I can't even find pithy quotations to take from the article because it's just a list of examples of weirdness so I'd have to quote them all. I can say that after reading it I can't imagine anyone deciding to attend this school.

Quite frankly, it sounds like a community college.

No doubt I've just slandered some wonderful community college somewhere, but it seems to me that when a college instructor is quoted saying something truely far-out, as often as not it's someone on a community college faculty. Like the guy who said that it would be good if 80% of the population died of bird flu.

I doubt that the average community college is as completely one sided as Sommers says the UNM Law School is, and I'm sure there are lots of wonderful teachers or that community colleges aren't a very good idea for students to consider. There really isn't any way to get past the fact that as college employment goes community colleges are at the bottom end of the job market. A person expects some weirdos.

Is the UNM Law School teaching liberal activism law only? Would Spock survive the environment there? Does the school rank where it does because of the faculty or does it have the faculty it does because of the ranking?

Does the school intend to try to *do* anything about this?


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