Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gore bans reporters...

h/t to Tim Blair. Gore is speaking in Saskatchewan to raise awareness of global warming.

But he doesn't want reporters to record his speech.

During question period, the Saskatchewan Party asked how residents who can't attend the speech in Regina later this month will hear Gore's message when there are media restrictions on the event.

Gore's contract bans reporters from recording audio or shooting video.

Maybe it’s about him wanting to control the distribution so he can profit from it or maybe it’s about him wanting to control the message.

I would scoff and joke about it but I’m suddenly not the least bit amused. Pelosi refuses to meet with president Bush. The Dem presidential candidates are refusing to debate on FOX. Gore doesn’t want his speeches recorded by potential unfriendlies. And I’m reminded of our last local election cycle where people had to sneak personal recording devices into speeches or debates because the Dem candidates refused to allow themselves to be recorded. And that was at the few debates that happened. Democrat candidates refused debates over and over. I don’t think there was a even single debate between candidates for some of the offices.

And it’s working. And I look around and the same strategy is being employed, no cameras, no recordings, or else no meetings at all.

It’s not funny. It’s frightening, and mostly because the tactic is downright *lauded* by the Democratic base.

Probably it will backfire if the media is pushed too far. I’m an optimistic person and I try to tell myself that this will certainly happen.


Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Trying to helplessly coddle your enemies, like Bush is doing, does nobody any favors. If you won't help your allies such as Fox News, then certainly you enemies will come in the night and make a few alliances of convenience. Because this is the point, isn't it, to have the Democrats have a tighter grip on the media through selling exclusives and access. To rule through terror. It cannot be combated with passiveness, neither in Iraq or here.

6:54 AM  

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