Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What global warming consensus?

h/t to Instapundit who links this interview with Freeman Dyson.

Dr. Dyson is promoting his book, _The Scientist as Rebel_.

I didn't know that much about him other than that he's a well known name in Physics, has the same name as my husband, and has the "Dyson Sphere" named for him.

Now I know that he is optimistic, believes that life spreading out into the galaxy is a good thing, and that he is a "global warming heretic."

The interviewer quotes him:
Benny Peiser: In the first chapter of your new book, "The Scientist as Rebel," you write that the common element of the scientific vision "is rebellion against the restrictions imposed by the locally prevailing culture," and that scientists "should be artists and rebels, obeying their own instincts rather than social demands or philosophical principles."

This is compared to the present "consensus" trend in science.

About global warming, Dyson says:
I am always happy to be in the minority.


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