Monday, May 07, 2007

At least he was walking

A fellow stopped by the house today to get new members signed up for an environmental lobby group to end global warming. They were going to get emissions limits on SUV's in New Mexico.

I said no. I didn't explain myself. I suppose he figures I don't care about the environment.

It's not true. I just don't care about global warming.

Glenn Reynolds linked to someone today saying that people were getting tired of global warming. Makes sense, and the hype is part of the reason. Having to be emotionally engaged is exhausting and that's what the gloom and doom is about. It's about getting people motivated. Start to quibble about the "science" and you'll get the "better safe than sorry" argument. In other words, if it motivates people, it's okay to misrepresent the "consensus" as science.

I do, however, give the young man credit for walking up and down these hills.


Blogger Mario Burgos said...

Funny, I had one of these guys stop by my house on Thursday. I didn't sign the petition, and he seemed unswayed by my personal responsibility argument.

9:49 PM  

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