Sunday, May 20, 2007

Liaden Universe serial... check it out!

As the authors explain, this is a draft. In some respects it reminds me of the Zorro book I have, which was also a serial and published a bit at a time. That was a rather "drafty" read as well. Once Theo's story is all done it will be gone over, edited, fixed up. As a writer I appreciate any opportunity to see that process and how it works.

It's a fun read so far, though. Persons of a certain age should get a particular kick out of the emphasis on consensus and team building in the culture.

Theo Waitley is a misfit because of the very things that will make her great. Someday.

So check out Fledgling: A Liaden Universe Project. Tell me what you think.

Theo appears at the very end of _I Dare_, which is available on e-books from Baen. Fledgling is previous to that, explaining how she got there.


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