Friday, June 22, 2007

Lifestyle change?

Well, I'm trying anyway. Trying to be more active.

I've got a nice sunburn from working outside today but now I can't remember what I did. I watered some plants that I planted yesterday. Oh, I planted a couple peppers and watermelon plants I bought yesterday and watered those too. Fed the chickens. Picked the eggs. Then I repotted one of my aloe plants that had bloomed... Oh, I have a picture of that. (Those are the tomatoes I planted last week.) I wish the color on the flowers showed better because it's my favorite color. If I could put it on walls I would. Peach, ivory and mint?

The aloe had a couple of little off-shoots so I ran to the hardware store and bought the two little pots that I'd put back on the shelf yesterday because I didn't need them. Then I planted caladium bulbs that have been waiting for a few months... SAM's Club size... box of 50. So I had to go out and dig a spot for all of the ones I still had left, all 47 that I didn't put in pots.

It was still nice outside and I didn't want to come in here to sit on my butt in front of the computer so I dug up a clump of tulip bulbs and replanted them with enough extra to add new clumps of that type in two more places in my garden. Somewhere I have a picture of them too. I'll bet it gets stuck at the top of this post when I load it.

Yup, the tulips are at the top, aloe at the bottom. And who knows where the text will go when I hit "publish post."


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