Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oh, the pain...

I planted 30 tomato plants yesterday. No, I don't need that many and I don't have room for them either. I put them way too close together. I've got some red plastic mulch to put under them that's supposed to improve yield. We shall see.

This year I ordered heirloom varieties from Tomato Bob and started seeds. I tried to get all the shortest season varieties because our growing season here is so short and our nights are so cold. We're at 6800 feet, after all. So I picked a whole bunch of varieties I've never tried before to see which ones do well. And then Tomato Bob, bless his heart, sent me extra sample varieties because he obviously thought that 13 tomato varieties wasn't nearly enough for one person! So I planted two of each variety which makes 30.

And two egg plants.

I'm in pain. Digging always puts my hips out. What's up with that? By afternoon I could hardly sit down or stand up again. Better than usual though, the pain only lasted while I got stiff in the afternoon. I was still muscle sore this morning though, and some of the twisting at karate was hard. I think the karate has helped though, because ever since I was pregnant with our third child my right hip will go out from digging or vacuuming and I'll have sharp, shooting pain for at least three days. One day, sore in both hips, seems a great improvement.


Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Is it your lower back rather than your hip?

Even for twisting sideways, it uses certain muscles tied in to the lower spinal column.

I know what you can do with the hips, but I've found that the gymnastic and neck bridges did wonders for my back, both spinal and musculature.

5:58 AM  

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