Friday, July 27, 2007


I missed Burn Notice *again*!

It looked fun, I hope it doesn't suck. They'll probably cancel it because people like me can't get their act together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh it was great Novi-sorry you missed it.

Getting back to the homosexual agenda what can we do as conservatives to fight the homosexuals?

They are trying to recruit our kids at an earlier and earlier age.

I have contributed to the American Family Association and have participated in boycotts of Disney and Ford and other gay friendly businesses but what can I as one person do to really undermine the homosexual agenda?

What are you doing? It is the greatest threat to the security of this country. If we lose the American family the American Dream will be lost forever.

Thanks Novi-

10:03 AM  
Blogger Synova said...


To put this in spiritual warfare terms...

The focus on homosexuality is a ploy to keep our focus off the real threat which is, when it comes to eternal matters, a shifting away from looking at our own sin an the need for sanctification in our own lives, to entirely ignore the personal nature of our relationship with God, and focus on what those people over there are doing and how bad they are.

The true weakness and threat is an internal one. Not that we tolerate sin in others but that we ignore sin in ourselves. It's so much *easier* you understand, to have an external enemy.

But the family is in danger, certainly it is. It's in danger primarily because we have stopped teaching our children that it matters, that they have a personal standard of holiness to live up to and it takes *work*. It takes discipline and self-denial.

No one in churches these days is into self-denial.

It's all about "what would Jesus do" with a sort of mushy feel-good ignorance of doctrine and no concept of striving for individual sanctification.

Again, the focus is on the wrong thing. On those outside of the church. As though Christians are required to go along with this world rather than live apart from it.

And that is what is happening and it's got nothing at all to do with homosexuality. Compared to homosexuality, heterosexual sin is not only rampant but nearly *accepted* in churches. Fornication and adultery and divorce. The idea of marriage has been torn apart within the church. The commitment and the very nature of that partnership has been weakened to "I'm in love" and dependent on fickle emotion. Our children grow up in broken homes.

These are heterosexual problems.

That homosexuality even appears on the horizon is the result of sinful people putting their fingers in their ears going "la la la la" and refusing to look at their *own* sin and the affect it has on the church and on families.

Christ called us to be separate. From the first he called his followers to deny the popular culture and follow Him.

The church in America has forgotten that. It's easy to follow the crowd, to live just like everyone else lives. Demanding that the culture conform is being lazy, it's demanding that someone *else* have discipline for you.

Conform not to the world.

Why do we forget that? Why is it ignored?

And even then, rather than focus on the things breaking up and destroying heterosexual families, parents and children, the enemy has us focused on homosexuals which essentially ignores the reasons that divorce is rampant, pregnancy outside of marriage is rampant, and abortion is a plague in our world today.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Synova said...


Ooh yerg, eh?

And that is what is happening and it's got nothing at all to do with homosexuality.

The problem is always being stoked from the top, in my view. Meaning, there are no "grassroots" revolutions of the Leftist kind. It is all financed, controlled, and fed from the top.

The threat so to speak, is therefore not with the homosexuals but with those using homosexuals to create a world in their own image, as if they were God.

rather than focus on the things breaking up and destroying heterosexual families, parents and children, the enemy has us focused on homosexuals which essentially ignores

Pretty much like what they did with blacks using the reverse racism bit. Or Islam and tyrants with the Jewish and American Satans.

So long as Arabs, blacks, and Americans are focused on a threat fabricated by the elites for their wanton joys of social re-engineering, it allows them to undermine potential future human progress. Progress that might upset the status quo that feeds power to those at the top.

I suppose it is ignored, Synova, because people believe that they know who the real enemy is. But their very belief in the real enemy at the top was never theirs to begin with, it was only given to them by others seeking to manipulate people's beliefs. The only way to know what is illusion or not is to recognize that you can be affected and increase your mental defenses .For those lacking in discipline, that is rather improbable as well as impossible.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know Synova you make some good points and your comments regarding this topic are hard to disagree with, good job.

Succint, accurate and well thought out.

Good job

8:41 PM  
Blogger Synova said...

I try. ;-)

Thank you.

8:59 PM  

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