Friday, July 20, 2007

It's up to the women...

Old bumper stickers.

This one was either directly above or part of a Kerry-Edwards '04 bumper sticker.

It might have been "It's up to the women now"... I'm not sure if "now" was on the end or not.

Maybe stuff like this shouldn't make me angry but it does. Firstly, the context is a man vs. woman thing which I find intolerable, but primarily it makes me angry because it's as offensive as if someone said "Women can't do science" or "women are emotional" or just about any thing that assigns some attribute or opinion to all women. Because that is what that little statement does. It's assuming that *women* are going to be all on the side of things that the person who placed the bumper sticker is on.

My plumbing and my part of the reproductive scheme has nothing at all to do with my politics. I'm a capitalist, libertarian, AGW denialist, anti-abortion, pro-military, pro-gun, christian, futuristic speculationist... with boobs.


Blogger Ymarsakar said...

One thing is for sure. It is up to this woman specifically.


6:27 PM  

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