Thursday, July 12, 2007

Native flowers... aka "weeds"

The first is a wild verbena that grows all over the place. I've weeded around it and watered it a bit. It's growing (not planted!) in about the hottest spot possible.

I don't know what the yellow flowers are but they make a nice showy clump of yellow. I'm going to try to encourage these next to the driveway. Notice that it's growing in the rocks and gravel.

Next is a salvia. I've no idea what sort. It just sort of popped up there and I'll admit that this one actually *looks* like a weed. The leaves smell like sage when they are pinched and the bees love this flower so I'm going to see if it gets a bit bushier with some TLC. It's been blooming for months.

And lastly. Indian paintbrush. This usually looks like more of a big deal; redder and bushier. I don't know if this one is so bland because it's in the shade or if it just got bad plant genes. I took seeds from it and am planning to try to germinate them. It's a partial parasite and considered very difficult to propagate and grow as a garden plant.


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