Saturday, July 14, 2007

There are some days...

Yahoo Messenger came up and I saw this title, and I thought... how does a church abuse clergy?


But the church I grew up in had a "free" style church government. Subconsciously I really don't think of the church and the pastor/clergy as being the same entity.

And I wonder just how much this sort of scandal is a product of a top-down system of authority. *Any* top-down system of authority. There may well be abusers in "free" style church government churches but there is usually not the feeling that the pastor has any more authority, spiritual or otherwise, than any one else in the congregation. He gives the sermons and does visitation, but he doesn't run things.

And another curiosity... never once in the entire article does it say *child* sexual abuse. Are they just assuming that it's children or is this something else?


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