Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who hates Rebecca Aguilar?

I saw the video before it was taken off the internet. Glenn (of course) had it linked. But the very first day, when I looked at the video, someone had already suggested that someone at the news station that aired this hated Rebecca Aquilar.

This is what I told my husband when I tried to show him the video and discovered it had been taken down... in a nutshell... (She was ambush interviewing an old man who had killed two burglars in separate incidences in a single week.)

She was rude but there were a couple of good clips that could have been used that would have been interesting and shown everyone involved in a decent way... including her.

At the very beginning the gentleman was buying a new shotgun and quipped, at seeing her and the camera, "I wouldn't want to have to use this before I even get it home." He was smiling. It was a joke. I laughed. Still, it was obvious he didn't want to talk to her. Later, after she finally got him to talk about it, he said he'd been in the Army and in the war and had never had an experience like that. That would have been an okay clip to show.

Yes, she was rude though her accusative remarks, asking him if he was a killer or what, were more trying to get him to say something to the contrary than accusations. He obviously did not want to talk about it and she obviously wasn't about to let him have that option. To that extent everyone is right. And if those parts had been removed no one would know. It would be like badgering an Iraq vet with "how does it feel to kill someone?" This is something people talk about when they are ready to talk about it with someone they trust... or never. Of course it was upsetting.

And of course bloggers are upset... particularly those who used this event as a mirror for accusations that Michelle Malkin was "harassing" a family by driving past their property and speaking to a neighbor. Bad Michelle Malkin? Professional Rebecca Aquilar? (No one seems to mind Michael Moore's ambush "journalism" either.)

But does this whole thing warrant a suspension? On what planet?

And at what point and in which reality does this get to be an *ethnic* issue?

As the writer points out. She did not act alone.

Bloggers are being blamed for this but a person has to wonder. Is that just an excuse?


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