Friday, November 23, 2007

Making memories

Thanksgiving was nice.

My way of trying to make something special is to light a fire, candles, something. So I *finally* found a couple candle holders for tapers (pillars are such the thing that it's actually hard to do) and took out some candles that I bought about three years ago at a country antique shop near my parent's place in Minnesota. Hand dipped tapers rolled in cloves. Very arty.

Now, I don't believe in candles that aren't to be burned and I *asked* what would happen to the cloves. I believe the answer was "melt and fall off".

The actual result of burning tapers rolled in cloves? The wax melts, the cloves start on fire, and fall off in little smoldering fire-balls to roll across the table cloth.

Combining this with the various fireplace episodes (not that many, but significant) what my kids are probably going to associate with holidays is their mom trying to burn the house down.

And actually, those are good memories. The sort that aren't planned, aren't *scripted*.

We had a good day. :-)

I hope yours was good as well.


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