Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So what IS the answer?

There's something about the oldest residential parts of town with their Victorian and Queen Anne homes that lends itself to "No War" lawn signs. I was walking in one of those beautiful neighborhoods on Monday and the "War is Not the Answer" sign caught my attention. The other signs were more specific, such as the one that had been altered from "No War in Iraq" to "No War in Iran."

The general "Truism" (and I will put that in scare quotes) of "War is Not the Answer" is something we see a lot but Monday it just struck me like a mallet to the head, So what IS the Answer? What does this person who lives in this pretty house think is the Answer?

What does this person who lives in this pretty house think is the Question?

I really do wonder.

Someone who thinks that war in Iran would not be the answer to the situation in Iran probably needs to suggest what should be done *instead* and the answer really could be "nothing." But for a general rule? As a "truism?"

Denial is not the Answer either.

There is an extent to which people create their own reality. I met a "mountain man" the other day who definitely had created his own reality. In his reality he couldn't go to a doctor's appointment in Albuquerque without being armed because of the violence in town. He lived out in the mountains with his guns, raising his own food animals and chiles, and marrying gay couples with his divinity license. I think that other people do the same but they live in little Queen Anne cottages on green shaded streets (this neighborhood of Albuquerque looked identical to the older residential areas of Fargo, North Dakota... houses, gardens, No-War signs,..) and they've created their own world where War really isn't the answer.

It's just that the rest of us don't live there.

There were a couple houses for sale. I suppose I could move. ;-)


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