Sunday, January 13, 2008

Miss America - Reality

Leaving aside the fact that "Miss America - Reality" is an Oxymoron...

I wanted to watch even though I don't care for reality TV because Miss Utah has been mentioned on the milblogs. So I recorded... I think it was the second episode... and watched it last night. I don't know how she does it at all, frankly. The need to tell the "advisers" they were full of it would overwhelm me.

Miss Utah got "bottom three" because she didn't treat the advice she was given the episode before to glam it up with proper gravitas.

Miss Alaska got "bottom three" because she'd made Indian war... ah... noises when they cut 12 inches off her hair. Oh the horror! Only they didn't tell her that. They just said that she wasn't considerate enough of others. I wonder if it ever occurred to the "advisers" that she may very well *be* Native American. I don't know she's not. Do they know that she's not?

One of those who got "top three", I can't remember who, got chewed out for refusing a make-over when she was specifically told she had a choice. They gave her tops anyway (and gave the other "bottom" to a girl who said she didn't like how she looked without makeup and her hair done) but not before telling her just how *badly* she'd hurt their feelings.

In any case. One episode made it pretty clear just who this "reality" television show is about. It's all about the advisers and their own feelings of importance.


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