Friday, October 31, 2008


It's an hour or so until midnight and I wonder if I should stay up and write... following the rules of course! Got to wait until Nov. 1.

I had a wee bit too much caffeine today so I may be up if I want to be or not.

I need to get my stuff organized, open a new file to start fresh, and that's about it.

The project seems to want to be multi-book, though I will definitely need each to be complete in itself including the first one. I really hate books that don't have a satisfying ending and then you're supposed to wait a year or more for the next one! Ugh! Yuck!

The villain for the first part had been eluding me and I realized today who it probably needs to be. The problem now is that I know that these people are not the ultimate villain at all, but will become the "good guys" later on. So how do I keep that fresh and not let on that they aren't bad? I mean, they *are* bad by a whole lot of standards... but what I know happens later might color my description of what happens before.

It's like reading a series out of order... or reading a book for the first time as opposed to reading it over again, when the ending is known. That first fresh exposure has a certain purity and value, a certain experience of it that you only get once. Now I'm realizing that I have to put that in there, somehow, for *other* people... because it will never happen for me.


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