Friday, October 10, 2008

On DVD - Jason Statham

(What is it about bald men?)

In the Name of the King

Bad and good, in odd ways, I think.

Some good acting some bad, some good cinematic choices, some dire... my husband and I both cracked up toward the end when "Farmer" and the others who were going to sneak into the evil fortress walked through one grand landscape after another, after another, after another... but while I don't think anyone would argue it was a *good* movie, there were elements of the plot that were refreshing to see.

Not everyone we expected to die, did. Some of the explaining about why to fight, and the King explaining that he was very like a farmer... that was very nice. The various people not waiting around helplessly, even when helpless, that was nice, too. It suffered from trying to get too many sub-plots in, from trying to make too many of the secondary characters have their own stories and character growth.

But mostly it suffered from the evil magus's Larry the Lounge Lizard hair.

That hair had me mesmerized... every scene with the evil guy instead of feeling dread I felt fascination. I don't think I heard a single evil monologue I was just, wow, look at that hair! Who was his hairdresser? Where did he get his "product?" Couldn't they find the guy a wig?

Sort of destroyed the flow, that did.

Update: (no really!)
The description on Amazon says that the American version was shortened by 30 minutes. When we were watching I told my husband that they clearly had cut stuff, *lots* of stuff.


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