Monday, November 03, 2008

"His name is Lark, he sees in the dark."

August started to rise but a small hand pulled him down again. "Why are your eyes like that?"

He glanced up at Lady Kirikyan who simply raised one arched brow. What harm in answering, then?

"I had my eyes replaced. My new ones can see in the dark." They could also see infrared and in wavelengths beyond the visual. "They're supposed to look natural so that people aren't made nervous by them."

Lark wrinkled his nose and peered very closely at one eye and then the other. "They look silvery," he announced. "They don't make me nervous. Seeing in the dark is fun."

"He's got a pair of toy goggles," his mother explained. "Time to let the Enforcer go back to work, Lark."


Anonymous Zeborah said...

I just realised, very belatedly - "Seeing in the dark is fun" sounds too much like it might mean only "Seeing in the dark sounds like/would be fun / is fun when I daydream/dream about doing it / read about fictional characters do it". I don't know if a kid actually *would* be that sloppy about language, but I make the assumption that he is more easily than I make the assumption that he's seeing in the dark.

OTOH "I like seeing in the dark" would be unambiguous.

2:03 AM  

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