Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do the poor have a "right" to free health care

The “right” to free health care is the right to own the labor of other people without their consent.

Any time you’ve got a right TO something like that you take the rights of other people to their own selves and their own freedom away.

The libertarian idea, as I understand it, is that your rights end where they intersect another person. I have a right to “pursue happiness” to make my way in the world, to worship my own God, to feed myself, to supply my physical and other needs, rights to my own body and self-determination, rights to my own property, rights to employ violence to defend my rights (which is pretty much a good way to define what is a right and what is *not*)… just up *until* I intersect another human being. I may not take someone else’s food nor compel their labor nor sacrifice them to my God nor otherwise violate *their* rights in the pursuit of my own.

Read the rest at A Second Hand Conjecture.


Blogger Sue said...

Glenn Beck!

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. :-)

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Blogger Sue said...

I think that the whole comment thread could just be deleted and replaced with your "crossing the river" post. You might want to throw in Hitler! though too.

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