Friday, August 14, 2009

The need for bridges - an analogy

HE: We need to cross this river. We must build a bridge.

SHE: We don't need a bridge to get across the river. Boats or a ferry, perhaps.

HE: Of course we need a bridge! Only rich people have boats and it hasn't gotten everyone over there. We have to cross this river.

SHE: A bridge is too expensive and will probably wash out during the spring floods. A bridge is a bad idea.

HE: The only reason you don't think we need to cross this river is because you hate the people on the other side, you hater!

SHE: I'm not a hater. I love those people as much as you do, but we do not need a bridge to cross the river. There are other ways to cross the river!

HE: Oh, and what about people who can't swim, you hateful moron, just let those people drown, huh? And you claim you aren't a hater.

SHE: I never said swim!

HE: Glenn Beck! Glenn Beck! Glenn Beck!



Blogger Sue said...

Perfect. Glenn Beck would be so proud.
Seriously, why are people so determined to throw away our liberty? It's frightening.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Big Mike said...

@Sue because there's a gorilla in the room, and that gorilla is the Baby Boom generation. The money that was supposed to be set aside in the Social Security Trust Fund was spent for "other things." We of the Baby Boom are tolerated right now because we are in our absolute peak earning years (those of us who didn't lose our jobs in this downturn that the President's policies have worsened) but soon we will stop paying in and start taking out. Taking over healthcare to ration it is the only solution that anyone sees.

5:35 PM  

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