Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm cranky, I'm tired. And I lost 5 pounds.

In five days.

Which isn't bad.

My husband and I are doing the Atkins diet. (He's losing weight faster than me, of course.) In some ways it's actually easy. I'm not at all hungry, after all. But I do find myself wanting what I can't have rather badly. Just *one* cookie!

In the beginning part it's really strict. As I understand it, and this makes sense to me, when we eat carbohydrates and sugars and fats and proteins our bodies (through insulin) signal ourselves to use the fast and easy carbs and sugars first and store the rest on our butt.

So the usual sort of diet that eliminates fat and reduces carbs, doesn't leave us anything to store (like extra carbs and sugars). And on that sort of diet I wouldn't get a cookie *either*.

In any case it's been less than a week. And according to the books after I'm done losing the weight I want to lose I'll get to eat more stuff... UP TO the "store the fat on your butt" level. Which won't ever be going back to eating "normal" but leaves room for some treats.

Like a cookie.


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