Thursday, January 21, 2010

Human Target

I'm watching this on So far it's fun and I think it's got some really great potential. I don't know where it normally airs.

I will say that the musical score and particularly the opening theme song sucks. Maybe something rocking would have been a bad choice, but they've gone orchestral.

The rest though... enough fights and action to make me very happy. And I like the three principles very much, at least so far. The main character is really attractive, but I think I like the computer/corporate specialist better. So far he is really my favorite. I really like what has been shown of each of their characters and struggles and their interaction. And also, for what it's worth... I like that they are all guys.

Now, that may be because this is supposed to be a guy show, but I like that they didn't feel like they had to have a female partner. At least not yet. For female guest characters they've had a high-powered engineer hard-core application of hard-science builder of really big machines, a world class computer hacker, and an assassin... and I thought they were played well, and portrayed well.

(I also rather like the guy/buddy aspect of "White Collar". As much as the common wisdom is that women get no starring roles in Hollywood, the fact that a show starring two men seems shocking suggests that it probably isn't as true as believed.)


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