Monday, July 04, 2011

Watched lots of movies this week

The Warrior's Way - I liked this a whole lot. Very stylized. Very Eastern. Thoughtful, too. Still, if you're put off by the thought of mystical ninjas, cowboys and a cast of circus people, you probably shouldn't challenge yourself.

Unknown - Good enough. I sort of hate to be so tepid over it, because there wasn't anything wrong with it. About half way through, though, I leaned over to my husband and whispered into his ear (since we were with friends) "Bourne Identity."

Sucker Punch - I suppose this was interesting and supposed to be artistic, maybe Sin City-ish or something. I didn't see the problems that the critics complained about. But I can't complain about what bothered me without spoiling the end... Oh, what the heck. I'll spoil the end. Right at the beginning we see the girl getting a lobotomy. We then spend the entire movie in her multi-layered fantasy world hoping that she doesn't get the lobotomy. She gets the lobotomy. The End.

Battle: LA - I bought *shoes* to wear to this movie and we never made it to the theater. Extra high spiky heels, bright yellow with black polka dots and turquoise trim. I have never owned such awesome and totally impractical shoes. And then we watched it on On Demand and I forgot to wear my shoes. Which is really sad, because I wouldn't have had to walk in them or anything.

This movie had me the moment the young guys call out taunts as they sprint past the MSgt, who up until that point was looking mighty fit indeed. My husband called it a Marine recruiting commercial, and I can't disagree. But lets not say that like it's a bad thing. The Marines were individuals and well drawn... and thinking about the strategic situation. The gal from the Air Force didn't use a two syllable word when a three syllable word would do. Best, they pushed through to victory. I don't know why people think that a downer ending is more valid than one that makes you feel good.

I Am Number 4 : This was fun. About what I expected. A lot of Roswell. A bit of Kyle XY. Maybe even a shade of Edward and Bella. My husband said it played like a pilot, which is true. Apparently it's based on the book, instead of the book being based on the movie, so I may check it out.

Adjustment Bureau : Meh. The best thing about it was the Scooby-Doo "come out a door you didn't run in to" chase scenes. Those were rather fun. Whatever larger theological question of slavery vs. free-will that was meant to be explored, and I could see it was meant to be there, sort of got lost somewhere between the Scooby-Doo doors.


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