Thursday, August 11, 2011

Personal stuffs... crabby rants...

I bought at least some of my books today. I'm starting (returning?) full time at UNM this fall; easing in with a relatively light load of classes. I expect that math will be a struggle as I've not had a math class in 25 years and I can't afford to do "just enough" since I'm going to have to take more for my major. In any case, it's got to be solid. My other classes range from less worrisome to "easy A" even though I'm a bit hesitant to say so. It just sounds sort of bad. I'm looking forward to them all and am actually quite excited about them because it's all interesting stuff. It's much easier to do well in an interesting class for an interesting subject than one that is so easy it's dull.

So school is looking good, so far. Once it starts I have some administrative things to do. They gave me a whole bunch of transfer credits, enough so that I'm classed as junior year, but few of them applied to my "core requirements" which they really should have done, so I'm going to see what I need to do to get as many of those as I can. I also need to change my minor declaration from merely English to English with a professional writing concentration.

So where is the crabby rant part?

Argh. I probably shouldn't even do it, because people shouldn't complain about their jobs. Lets just say, if my boss sees this it won't be the end of the world. If a potential employer sees this, well I haven't named my employer and do tend to get on well with everyone. In this case it's grin and bear it. But it's still a whine. But I feel like whining, dang it!

I totally busted my butt to get all of my classes in the afternoon, getting all classes that apply directly to graduation and doing so shortly before the semester started so there were few classes to chose from. This was not a minor sort of effort. Spring semester I'll register as soon as registration opens and it will be much easier. In any case, success! My mornings are entirely clear. I'm on the schedule at work from 7:00 am to 11:30, M-F. The earliest I will ever have to leave work is 11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday for a 12:30 class. There is no conflict whatsoever between school and my work *schedule*. The thing about my work schedule is that we start at 6:45 and we work until we are done. This Wednesday that was until 8:30 am. Didn't even pay for gas. Sometimes it's until 1 or 2:00 pm or in very rare instances, 3:00.

So today I dropped the single 11:00 class I had and registered for an on-line class to replace it and told my bosses what my final schedule was and that I'd got my mornings entirely free. What I got for that was, "It doesn't matter, we have to take you out of the stock room."

Firstly, this is a lie. And it's the lie that makes me so angry. They aren't going to take me out of the stock room. It would be idiotic to do so. I'm not worried about keeping my job or staying on the stock room team. I've been doing this job for a year and while I'm not the fastest, I know what I'm doing and am reliable. The person doing the schedule will keep me right where I am. The handful of times that the stock team will stay past noon between now and Christmas are irrelevant.

The lie makes me angry. It makes me angry because my boss wants me to feel insecure about keeping my job. Does she think this will make me work harder? Does she think that I will be more loyal if I think I could be unemployed at any moment? Does she think that she's supposed to occasionally be a *capricious* hard-ass in order to prove she's a hard-ass?

I have no clue.

I do know that I'd far far rather take morning classes and not have to stress about my schedule, simply taking what I need to take at my *own* convenience. If I was told honestly "sorry we have to let you go" it would almost be a relief, not having to try to juggle both. But no one is being honest. There are a number of reasons that I won't quit, so she's safe, too.

Complaining about work is something like the #1 "don't do it" rule for blogs, but I'm hitting "publish" anyhow.


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