Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Titan AE music CD

Or rather.... new to me.

I lost mine. (I suspect it was in the car we had stolen and crashed in California.) I bought this one used on Amazon. The new ones were listed at $38 or so. Eeep!

I'd have bought the music electronically or one song at a time but I couldn't find the songs. Couldn't find the artists. They're on You Tube. I suppose they're someplace purchasable, but I couldn't find them. I haven't bought music files before so I'm not good at it. But I thought I'd actually put some time and effort into compiling some music I like.

As old school as I am (obviously!) I was frustrated and upset. When I want something it should be there, darn it. Is there any reason I can't look up any bit of music ever published and just buy it because I want it? I didn't think that music from a movie would be the least difficult, but it was.

Now I just have to get the technical help to put the music on the CD onto my computer.


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