Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tramway ride to Sandia Crest

I got home and got the pictures off my camera and found out that I had a smudge on the lens.  ARGH!   I can't see the display anyhow when I'm taking them, so all of these were taken blindly, but they'd still be pretty good, I think.  I like the shadow of the gondola and the last picture shows the gondola, really tiny, coming up the cables.  (I don't think they called it a gondola.)

I found a few fossils too, crinoids of course.   I think these might be bryozoa.
The nodules of flint in the limestone are really neat.

And here's a picture of the awesome fellow who took me up on my tramway ride and patiently waited while I looked at rocks.  :)


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