Thursday, August 01, 2013

Human Wave Garage Sale

Over at According to Hoyt.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Beings of Furritude, I come not to bury grey goo plotting but to yawn at it and to sigh “I don’t care what happens to all these characters” and — occasionally, when a novel rises a little bit above the common style –, to sigh and say “I want them all dead by chapter two.” (Ah, for a minion I could dispatch to story world. “Guido, see to it. I want them all dead by chapter two before they all start the belly button contemplating until it reels the mind. Make them dead. Hide the bodies.” Of course, in many cases this would improve the pacing and action of the plot. In others no one would notice.)
The antidote is called Human Wave fiction. The Garage Sale is a list of (mostly) Kindle special deals from authors who have promised not to serve up grey goo or contemplate belly buttons.

Scroll down, but don't skip reading Sarah's post because each and every word is put there with malice aforethought to engage and entertain (even if you refuse to be properly thoughtful.)

You know you need more to read, you know you do! So go.


Blogger JAL said...

Synova -- Thanks to you I have just cluttered my kindle account up with more freebies. ;- P

As for TOP --- you were already posting at Comment before I got there... But I only found CH because I clicked on a link at TOP.

Which I rarely go to these days and have decided I can live without for a while.

Really appreciate your comments.

Glad we "met."

wv esnoted (!)

8:36 PM  

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