Saturday, May 02, 2015

"... but I don't trust humans in general..."

I'm putting this here so I can find it back.  This was part of a comment from someone arguing for gun banning.

"... but I don't trust humans in general ..."

See now, this is what is sad and this is why we lose our freedom.  This is how laws are passed that assume that adult people are really children and need to be controlled.

The most salient fact of the existence of the 2nd Amendment is that it declares all citizens trustworthy adults who the government MAY NOT decide are too untrustworthy to be armed.  

Throughout History, in every culture on every continent, those deemed trustworthy go armed and those deemed untrustworthy are disarmed.  Full citizens in one culture after another signify their full citizenship with weapons.  The very names of some cultures are those of the weapon that full citizens carried. (ie, Saxons).  Subordinate people, serfs and slaves, were disarmed because (and for good reason) letting them have weapons was dangerous to the ruling class.  A significant portion of Asian martial arts are directly derived from people learning to fight with things that were not weapons, but mere tools, because the common people were systematically disarmed.  The rulers?  The rulers always have weapons.

The primary "message" of the gun control in major US cities is... we do not trust law abiding black adults.  This lack of trust is a direct statement that the people subjected are subjected and therefore a threat.   Now maybe in other countries people are used to having rulers and a ruling class but we're not supposed to have rulers here, and our whole society and philosophy, the whole notion of democracy, is that citizens are trustworthy.   When we treat the average law abiding guy as a threat... we've violated that idea of equality and self-rule in a fundamental and profoundly damaging way.


Blogger Jim in St Louis said...

Perhaps…but the political strength of those gun grabbers is not in millions of secret racists aiming to keep the black man down. I see mostly liberal educated whites who are the bullseye of more gun control laws. Not that they couldn't be secret racists- but it seems they think they can pass laws that would stop some of the crime and violence, and since most of the killing is urban, they would not agree that this has a racist core.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Synova said...

Jim, the thing really is this... You either trust black people to be fully actualized adult people...

... or you don't.

It is what it is.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Meade said...

Synova, the thing really is this... You either trust white people
to be fully actualized adult people...

... or you don't.

It is what it is

6:12 AM  
Blogger Synova said...

Cute, Meade.

Am I supposed to follow those links? Are you *particularly* bored just now? Nothing interesting happening in your world?

11:00 PM  

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