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No Cat Blogging!

This is a white silky rooster I got from a neighbor but the other chickens picked on him so he ended up at grandma's house with a little hen named Penny. His name is either Lincoln or White Puff, depending on who you ask.

Trying pictures next!

A male monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed.

I've finally done it

I've been avoiding it, really. Blogs are a big enough time-suck on my life that I'm pretty sure this is a bad idea. But the voice of temptation in the back of my head keeps suggesting that maybe having my own blog will prove a boon rather than bane. Maybe I'll spout off here instead off all over cyberdom, saving time and energy. Do you think? The feeling of speaking aloud in an empty room is almost eerie. The biggest reason in favor of my having a blog is also the biggest reason against it. I'm a writer. I hope to be famous some day. (Or at least paid.) Web pages and blogs can be a great tool for a writer for connecting to her audience, or potential audience. It can also be a fabulous way to alienate her audience. I intend to try to have my cake and eat it too. I know I'm not going to be able to keep my big mouth shut, so for this blog I'm Synova. Oh, I don't care if everyone knows that my name is Julie Pascal. That's not i