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Cover Design

Over at Mad Genius Club Cedar Sanderson is talking about cover design. She's got a List of Seven Rules, and they're good ones: Book Covers are Marketing Tools Clearly Readable at Thumbnail Fits into Genre Conventions Use Legible Fonts Choose Good Art, or at least Clean Backgrounds Make the Author Name Bigger Never, Ever, Use an Unfiltered Photograph on Fiction The last one seems a bit obvious to me and it makes a person wonder what happened to turn it into a specific rule. Covers are scary to do, though, if you're doing your own.  They're probably scary if you're trusting someone else to do them too! Here are a couple that I threw together for NaNoWriMo.  These really are just meant to be placeholders thrown together.   Here's my last years cover:  The picture is from Pixabay and I've rotated and cropped it.  The font was probably one on my Adobe Photoshop/Adobe suite program (which I no longer have).  I love this font.    I rea


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