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Call it a protest.

 Thanksgiving 2020. I've heard it's getting testy out there.

Lockdown psychology

  I'm interested to see what happens with non-lockdown states and countries vs. lock-down states and countries. I'm in a lock-down state. Our Covid cases and hospitalizations in my state are now through the roof. What lock-down governors seem not to have understood is that you can't give orders to people who are not choosing to cooperate. Even the military understands this. So many on the progressive left think that the military is orders and obedience. Because they don't understand leadership AT ALL. It was not GOOD LEADERSHIP to push people through mental torture all summer. Without a reprieve, family, connections, and recreation, people are not ready NOW to do another "two weeks to flatten the curve." Can people who had no chance to regroup, endure another lock down now? It's not even that people are not willing. It's that they CAN'T.