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Home Town Heroes

It was too late by the time anyone had called the fire department. That can't be changed and one man is dead in a house fire, the tragedy for his family and loved ones irreparable. I get an e-mail from my home-town paper and the headline caught my eye. Small, small home town, everyone knows everyone... certainly I used to. It was a long time ago. I quick clicked through and skimmed until I found the name. Not familiar. Thank goodness. And then I read more carefully. The call came at 12:30 am. Someone driving by saw the farm house in flames. My childhood is full of memories of the daily noon siren that could be heard for miles around. It would raise into a wail and then die off again. Other times it would wail on and on, eight times or nine. And the men would stop what they were doing and get into their cars and trucks and rush to the fire station to go to fight the fire. They even came to our farm once, when a trash burn got away from us. My mom,

Free Speech - Is the Constitution about Fairness?

If this isn't dug out at the roots we're not going to get very far defending even something as basic as freedom of speech. The roots, the foundation of the rot, is in the notion that the purpose of the Constitution is fairness rather than freedom. You know, actually... it's pretty close to exchanging some feel good "What would Jesus do?" for study of scripture and doctrine. (I know that some people think that's useful, but it's *lazy*.) What the Constitution actually says, matters. Liberty and freedom actually matter. The defense of our liberty matters. But people have become lazy. Instead of adhering to the words and principles that are there they've exchanged it for what seems fair or sounds right. If something isn't *fair* then the Constitution can't actually mean that's the way it's supposed to be, right? Wrong. Lazy and wrong. But that's what we've seen over the last how many years beginning with laws criminalizing speech a

Human Target

I'm watching this on So far it's fun and I think it's got some really great potential. I don't know where it normally airs. I will say that the musical score and particularly the opening theme song sucks. Maybe something rocking would have been a bad choice, but they've gone orchestral. The rest though... enough fights and action to make me very happy. And I like the three principles very much, at least so far. The main character is really attractive, but I think I like the computer/corporate specialist better. So far he is really my favorite. I really like what has been shown of each of their characters and struggles and their interaction. And also, for what it's worth... I like that they are all guys. Now, that may be because this is supposed to be a guy show, but I like that they didn't feel like they had to have a female partner. At least not yet. For female guest characters they've had a high-powered engineer hard