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Why no Wonder Woman movie?

It can easily be argued that Wonder Woman was overtly feminist in design... she was an Amazon and came from a culture and place that excluded men.   It would be appropriate that she (if she had an origin movie set in 2015) spend a great deal of time experiencing culture shock and under-estimating the ability of men to be competent at anything... which only works if she's wrong about the men.   In other words, Diana isn't feminist... she's sexist. Which is likely the biggest reason that we haven't gotten a Wonder Woman movie.  -- They need me to write it. :P --  Because what people pushing for a Wonder Woman movie want is a ode to feminism... and that wouldn't be right.  For all that Wonder Woman could be used to frame an exploration of gender roles and preconceptions, it doesn't work to do that flipping of perception unless the thing that Diana learns is that men are every bit as real as women are real. Make Wonder Woman a female Captain America, as paroch

Albuquerque Botanical Garden

My husband and I went to see the Japanese Tea Garden today for the cherry blossoms.  I think that they would probably have been better a week ago.  The flowering apple trees were amazing though.  And the tulips were very nice. This might be a cherry tree.  I didn't check.  It's probably an ornamental apple. The red blossoms are undoubtedly a flowering crab apple. I'm told the stone boxes are called  Tōrō or D ōrō. There were huge numbers of huge koi in the pond. This one wasn't so big, but it was pretty. I think that the orange flowers are quince.  There is a Canada goose there by the little house (hokora).