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racebenders vs. Shyamalan

I'm one of those people who experienced that moment of sharp disappointment when they learned that the movie AVATAR had nothing to do with the Last Airbender. Now the movie that we really wanted is coming out and it looks fabulous. It's directed by M. Night Shyamalan. And right on time the racebenders show up. (I'm absolutely stealing that term from one of the commentators on that post. ) In the world of the Last Airbender there are nations divided by what element certain people in them can manipulate. The Fire Nation uses fire. Benders in the Earth Nation can throw gigantic boulders and make pillars of rock rise from the ground. Water benders can throw water around. The airbenders, of whom only a single individual remains, can make whirlwinds to use as weapons. Racebenders use race and racism and accusations of racism as weapons. They can manipulate and use and abuse race and are more than willing to do so. It's a brilliant term.