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Planetary Fiction, Jupiter - Submissions Open

I'm editing my very first anthology.  It will be the volume of Planetary Fiction, Jupiter, for Superversive SF.    Stories should ideally play with Jupiter related themes of power, authority and leadership.  With a stronger thematic connection the story itself doesn't need to be set at the planet Jupiter.  Hard science fiction or Space Opera, even fantasy is acceptable if it is a great story.  I've said that there will be extra points given for including diamond snowflakes so long as the crystal structure and physics are reasonable.  I maybe should not have said that (though it's true) because sticking snowflakes in every story would get silly very quickly.  I might end up having to pick between them.  So please, only do that if you're carried away by the idea and can't resist. ;) I am also open to a bit of poetry or non-fiction science, mythology, or historic pieces about Jupiter, though non-fiction should be on the short side of short. I don't know yet