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Human Clones and Human Dignity

(I'm handing in this paper tomorrow... thought I'd share it with more than just my one instructor.) Many countries and US states have outlawed reproductive cloning while accepting therapeutic cloning of human beings. In therapeutic cloning a human clone is created within an egg, allowed to divide to some number of cells, and then destroyed for medical research or therapy. Reproductive cloning would follow the same process except with the implantation of the egg within a womb, no different at that point than in vitro fertilization. It's backwards to view the destruction of human life as moral while viewing the nurturing of that human life as immoral. This turns reason on it's head. Why is reproductive cloning opposed by so many? Is the idea of cloned humans too new? The discussion of human cloning did not begin with the sheep, Dolly. It is not new. The conversation has been going on for decades upon decades. Doppelgangers and changelings have existed