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All my message fic is short...

“I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!” Tully sent a worried look toward his sister.  “They have security.  What are you going to do?” “Something no one else has the stones to do.  What are our elected officials good for?  The police?  I’m going to tell those thieving monsters what the people really think is what I’m going to do.”  Bellit stuffed her arms into a ragged jacket to ward off the dock-side chill and checked the coins in her pockets. “They have immunity, Bellit.  They could just shoot you.” “That’s exactly the problem,” Bellit snapped.  Tully followed her out of their appartment and waved his hand over the lock to secure the door.   Bellit called out to friends and neighbors, “If you’re tired of being taken advantage of,” she shouted in a ringing tone, “come with me!  The Jaholoway merchant ships just landed.  They can intimidate our governor but they can’t intimidate us!” The size of the crowd that Bellit gathered wasn’t apparent unless one knew th