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They wrote "ANTI" on it.

 I wanted to play with my new tablet a little bit because I won't get a chance for a while, so this is rough.  Still, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot and trying to figure out how to say in a way that is the most clear. Creating a label of "ANTI" and applying it to something is meaningless.  How often does someone say, "Antifa can't be fascist, it's right in the name?" So? And? I can call myself the Queen and it won't make me Harry's grandmother now will it. Along with the ridiculousness of "antifa" is the notion of "anti-racism", which if you examine it differs from "equality" in that it requires and demands a retaliatory racism.  There's nothing "anti" about it in any sense other than a mirror image. Which would work too,  I suppose.  Anti-fa is a mirror image of fascism.  Anti-racism is a mirror image of racism. In any case, here's my messy drawing of something that is c

Get your stamina up!


Why it doesn't matter what Parler allowed.

Because allowing people to say scary things in public (or mean things, or false things) doesn't inflame anyone.  It attracts people who are already inflamed. There used to be a joke that went more or less something like this:  There's a couple thousand white supremacist militia members in the US and two thirds of them are undercover FBI agents. And that's the second reason.  Because we actually want the scary conversations to happen in public. Driving those conversations underground doesn't make them go away. Inflamed people are still inflamed except now they are also legitimately aggrieved.  We have thousands of years of History that proves that this is true. Short of simply killing everyone of a certain mindset, ideology, religion, or culture, it's impossible to make them go away by forcing them to keep their scary ideas quiet.  Killing a few simply creates martyrs, not converts. Economic oppression, which was used against the Jews as well as endless other minorit

All the FA

  Do we really have to wonder what 21st century US fascism looks like? I mean, sure, there's the make believe sort that we're supposed to be all worried about while the real sort is right in front of our faces. Someone the other day said "Profa" which is the first time I heard that. As far as I could tell that's anyone who objects to the Realfa. Because lets look at what gets called fascism these days in the US, okay? Promoting free speech, liberty, and individual rights. Refusing to let other people tell everyone what to do and how to live. Refusing to have a "race consciousness" when demands are made that you have a race consciousness. Refusing to accept that the State must legislate morality. Refusing any possible collectivist social or political ideology. Disagreeing with the identitarian ethos and race segregation. I'm pretty sure that actual 21st century US fascism looks just like all the other fascism, it's just called something else and p

The fundamental point of division.

  The fight has never been between good people or bad, or compassion or not, or racism or equality. It's always been the individual vs. the collective. Group politics, race theory, gender studies, demands for nationalized services, healthcare, universal welfare, and the destruction of individual rights, even something we'd never have imagined under threat such as free speech, the press, or the simple right to participate in the economy. The people accused of racism aren't racist you know, they're just not collectivist. They view every person as an individual, the same as they view themselves. Every individualist is a feminist because they believe in individual rights and equality, not group judgements. But they'll be called a sexist or misogynist. Racism is officially not about anyone's personal biases or beliefs or behaviors any longer. It's about your group. It's about compliance to a collectivist outlook on all issues. Lets be certain to address

Social Media Wack-a-Mole

 It's time to play social media Wack-a-Mole.  I don't use this blog often and even blogs are vulnerable.  But plan for multiple connections to other people, pop up every time you're cut off. Bookmark blogs, add people on alternate platforms even if you never go there.  If you ever have to go, you'll already have those connections. I might not show up here often.  But I might.  Then this might go away, too.  Then I'll be some where else.