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Hey Tree Hugger! Try this one!

Highlander Season Six

Okay, I know what they were thinking... spin-off. I haven't watched season 6 episode 10 because I simply can not bear to watch it. The last three episodes, including this one, have been job interviews. Unfortunately it was all archetype and no soul. I expect more of the same. What happened to the fabulous writing? I think it died sometime mid season 5. I realize it's too late. I realize these are old shows and it's way too late. Breaks my heart. It's not as though it would be impossible to do "immortal female crime fighter" and do it well. But didn't they have the first clue what made Highlander so great? What made Highlander great is that the immortals are tragic figures. The episode where Mary Shelly conceives of Frankenstein got it right... so who ever wrote *that* episode understood it. The immortals are tragic. Either they suffer and endure loss after loss after loss... or they become monsters. It wasn't *just* that Adri

Season Six...

And I'm dreading it. I don't even want to watch. Spoilers, if you care.... For the end of season five. Duncan is crazy again, and killed Richie. Did we just do this? Didn't he just go nuts and kill his friends? Couldn't they think of something new? Worse, worse... last episode of season five and Duncan is thinking he might be crazy, and Methos and Joe think he's crazy, and Richie calls and says he saw Joe when Joe is standing right next to Duncan and it seems the most important thing would be that Richie was seeing things too... so why doesn't Duncan say so? Methos and Joe are standing right there. And Duncan runs off without saying anything. And kills Richie. This is about as dumb as, "Let's split up." "I think I'm going crazy, but rather than stay with people I trust, I'm going to run around alone and do who-knows-what." Ugh. And I was thinking that those writing Highlander were actually rather good.


So... this is sort of fun . Update: Oops! Yes, doesn't work outside the US. The link is to the season 5 episode 10 of Highlander, in which Duncan MacLeod and a beautiful female Immortal, along with a German who has an eye-patch but doesn't look all that much like Tom Cruise , attempt to blow up Adolf Hitler.